Welcome to my beauty blog!

I’m often asked about my makeup – what kind I wear, how I apply it. Usually, this happens while making a purchase at a store, during a hall-way conversation at work or at a business meeting or event. Of course, there is never enough time to provide an answer as I have no simple response. So, I decided to start a blog and share my thoughts and opinions on makeup and skin care.

I don’t wear one particular brand. My makeup of choice varies from drug-store brands to high-end cosmetic lines. I don’t believe that you have to wear only one brand in order to get the best look and I certainly don’t believe that cost equates to quality. It’s important to find the best product for YOU – based on your skin, your environment and the results you are hoping to achieve. I also feel that beauty does come from within. If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful. If a great shade of lipstick or a sparkly eye shadow gives you that extra boost of confidence – even better!

I often hear folks say “but I’m too busy to put on make-up…” Guess what? I’m busy too (hence the name of this blog)! Like anything, it’s about making time and find the most efficient and effective way to do it. One of the primary reasons I decided to start this blog was to help provide some makeup and skin care best practices I’ve learned and continue to learn. If anything, maybe it will help as you decide what products are best for you.

Until my next post – stay beautiful!  ~Devon

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