Tuesday’s Beauty Tip – Avoid Sunshine Wrinkles


My daughter, Baylie, and me wearing our sunglasses!

The sun is a beautiful thing.  However, when it comes to skincare, using an SPF (by itself, under makeup or included in your makeup) is important in preventing premature wrinkling of the skin. Did you know that there is another easy way to prevent unnecessary wrinkles caused by the sun? One word – sunglasses. The proper sunglasses can prevent you from squinting, which can cause wrinkles around the eyes,  between the eyebrow,s and around your mouth. The sun doesn’t even need to be bright in the sky. Often times, a cloudy day will seem harmless but the bright white sky can still make you squint. The next time you’re outside, without sunglasses, pay extra attention to your facial expression. You might be surprised at how often you squint and don’t even realize it. Find a great pair of shades (or maybe two) and keep them with you at all times. You’ll look stylish and wrinkle free!

Until next time, stay beautiful! ~Devon

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