Hey Honey – This Mask May Be For You

ImageMy new Ipsy Glam Bag arrived! Before I post about this month’s beauty finds, I want to share my thoughts about a product received in last month’s Glam Bag.

Hey Honey Take It Off – Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask (for all skin types)
I love peel off masks and the thought that it might contain honey – even better!
The clear, gel-like formula does indeed contain honey extract, noticeable by the slight hint of honey fragrance. Here’s my take on the Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask:

The application: The sample container did not provide any application instructions. I’ve used peel off masked before but I decided to visit their website for directions specific to this product. I’m glad I did because it recommends that a light moisturize be applied before the peel off mask (not something I am used to doing with this type of mask). Once a light moisturizer is applied, it recommends applying a thin layer of the mask. This is where I ran into a problem. After my first attempt to use this product, it was clear that my definition of thin layer and their definition of thin layer was very different. I applied a thin layer (by my definition) the first time. However, when I went to peel it off, it was very hard to do so. The layer was so thin, I had to rub it off instead of peel. I decided to give it another try a week later. This time, I applied a moderate amount and noticed a big difference. Not only was I able to peel it off, I could also feel it on my face. With most peel off mask, once it dries, your face feels tight. I hardly knew I had the mask on the first time but definitely felt it on my face the second time.

The results: The mask peeled off easily (once I figured out the correct application) and left my skin feeling very soft. There was no redness or irritation to my face. I would consider this a gentle and soothing mask. Their website does not mention application frequency but this mask seems gentle enough to use once a week.

The full size (1.7 oz ) sells for $35, available through their website Hey Honey.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ~ Devon




3 thoughts on “Hey Honey – This Mask May Be For You

  1. I wish I would have read this review first. I did the same exact thing it took me a while to peel it off. I must say I was disappointed until I read your review, I am going to give it another chance. The scrub is amazing, but I really wish they provide more info on the appliaction frequency for the products.

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