Review: February Glam Bag


My February Glam Bag arrived on February 14th – that’s right, on Valentine’s Day. What perfect timing. Here’s my review of the items I received. In my review, I’ve included the product, the benefits (as claimed by the product), the size I received and the value compared to the normal retail size and price. Ipsy often includes a discount if you decide to purchase the retail product – I’ve included that info as well (offers are for a limited time). Keep in mind that Ipsy Glam Bags vary by person. What you receive is based on the profile you established.

100mi-i5pta75j65kpa4fCity Color Creamy Lip Stain (Flirtini)
Benefits: Gives your lips true, bold color that won’t quit! Applies thick and creamy with a glossy shine and sets with a lightweight, matte stain that doesn’t dry out.
Ipsy Size: 2.3 ml (full retail size)
Ipsy Value: $4.99
Ipsy Deal: 20% off any purchase at
My thoughts: I’m not a big fan of lip gloss or anything that is not long-lasting. This might work well over a long-lasting to add a little shine. I’ll give it a try but it will probably end up with my 14 year-old.

peachb200x200_1Model Co Blush Cheek Powder (Peach Bellini 02)
Benefits: lightweight appearance; oil-controlled powder; suits all skin types
Ipsy Size: 3.6 g (full size)
Ipsy Value: $22.00
Ipsy Deal: 20% off + Free Shipping on order $39+ at
My thoughts: I can never have too many blushes. This looks like a great color and I can’t wait to try it.

100mi-i5px6jvl8sz8gv4Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil (Flora No.1)
Benefits: has a luxuriously powdery feel, contains cobnut oil which is mildly astringent, brimming with Vitamin E as well as Vitamin B. Also includes apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and wheat germ oil.
Ipsy Size: 10ml (retail size is 20ml)
Ipsy Value: $23.00 (retail amount is ~$46. This product is sold in the UK so price is in British Pound)
Ipsy Deal: 20% off purchases at
My thoughts: I’ve always been fascinated with oils, especially those for the face or hair. As I’ve aged, my skin has become a little dryer. I’ve always done a great job of moisturizing my skin, which is probably why I don’t have as many wrinkles as others who are in their 40’s like me. This oil smells wonderful as well. I will definitely try this product.

500mi-i5pxfbmzvsl1oniRob Scheppy for tini beauty Powder Eyeshadow (Pearl Fizz)
Benefits: silky crease-resistant formula
Ipsy Size: .06 oz (full size)
Ipsy Value: $12.00
Ipsy Deal: 40% off + $5 shipping + FREE Nail Polish automatically added to order at 40% applies to purchases of $20 or more.
My thoughts: The color of this eyeshadow will make for a great highlighter for the brow bone or lid. In January’s Glam Bag, I received another eyeshadow that I thought would be a good highlighter. Unfortunately, that brand of eyeshadow does not work well for me. It goes on very light and hardly shows up. I have high hopes for this one.

products_brightmud_lid_off_1000x953GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment
Benefits: The World’s First TAP ON + WIPE OFF Reverse Action Under Eye & Orbital Eye Treatment. Designed for Instant 3-Minute Results. For Men & Women of All Ages & All Skin Types.
Ipsy Size: 2 single use packs at .035 fl oz each (full size single use; sold as a pack of 12 for $69.00)
Ipsy Value: $11.50
Ipsy Deal: 30% off any purchase at
My thoughts: Treatment for the eye area is very important to me. Fine lines will develop in this area over time but many people develop fine lines earlier necessary because they forget about this area. The eye area needs a little extra care because the skin is delicate. I can’t wait to try this product to see if it is all that it states.


Ipsy Glam Bag

Total Ipsy Value: $73.49

This is what I love about Ipsy. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like you are getting a lot (some Glam Bags have more items than others) but it’s the size and value of the products you get that matters. I would much rather have nice sizes (full sizes are even better!) that allow me to really test the product.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ~ Devon

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