Ipsy Summer Lovin’ Glam Bag Review


Yes, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted. That’s what happens when your real job gets really busy (smile). But I’m back, and want to highlight the great items I received in my July Ipsy Glam Bag. It’s summertime, which means summer lovin’! I have to say, this is one of the best Ipsy Glam Bags that I have received as far as value. Four of the five products are full size, bringing the total value of this month’s glam bag to over $90 (not bad for a $10 monthly membership)!

In my review, I’ve included the product, the benefits (as claimed by the product), the size I received and the value compared to the normal retail size and price. Often, a discount is available if you decide to purchase the retail product – I’ve included that info as well (offers are for a limited time). Keep in mind that Ipsy Glam Bags vary by person. What you receive is based on the profile you established.

purlissepur~lisse pur~bright ultra skin brightening serum
Benefits: hydroqinone-free, Vitamin C, brightens and evens out skin tone, decreases signs of age spots and sun damage, all skin types
Ipsy Size: 0.34 oz (retail size 1 oz @ $76.00)
Ipsy Value: ~$25.00
Ipsy Deal: 20% off any purchase at purlisse.com
My thoughts: I have tried other pur~lisse products and have been very pleased – so I look forward to trying this product. The pur~lisse products are a little pricey, more than I would usually spend on a skincare product. However, the sample sizes seem to last a long-time so the full-size product may be a better value than they appear. I also like the fact that the product is fragrance free. 

jellyPongPongJelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 eyeliner and shadow in bronze
Benefits: long-lasting, made with pure beeswax, 100% cruelty free
Ipsy Size: 2.8 g (full retail size)
Ipsy Value: $16.00
Ipsy Deal: no discount offered
My thoughts: I don’t usually use these “crayon” shadow/liner products. I will give this one a try though. It’s a bronze shade, one that should go well with the Urban Decay Twice Baked shade that I normally wear. I’m very interested to see how “long-lasting” it really is…stay tuned, I’ll let you know. 

teeezCosmeeticsTeez Cosmetics Read My Lips lipstick in Killing Me Softly
Benefits: 8-hour long-lasting, satin matt finish
Ipsy Size: 2 g (full retail size)
Ipsy Value: $22.00
Ipsy Deal: no discount offered through Ipsy (however, if you sign-up on Teez’s website, you get 20%)
My thoughts: I use one brand of lipstick, Covergirl Outlast, because it is the only one I have found that truly lasts all day. The color of the Teez lipstick is not one I would usually wear (kinda a bright pink), but I will give it try just to see how well it wears. Even though it is bright, I can use a lip liner to alter the shade slightly. You might be surprised how much a lip liner can alter the shade of a lipstick (might need to blog about that). 

jor'elParkerJor’el Parker – Classico 
Benefits/Features: Indian Tuberose, Turkish Cyclamen, Spanish Mandarin
Ipsy Size: 0.3 oz (full retail size)
Ipsy Value: $21.00
Ipsy Deal: no discount offered through Ipsy
My thoughts: I love trying new fragrances even though I always go back to my all-time favorite – Coco Mademoiselle. Most fragrances do not “stay” on me (except Mademoiselle), but I’m always hopeful when trying something new. This fragrance smells light and fresh and may be a great choice for summer.

crown brushCrown Brush Professional Tweezer
Benefits/Features: stainless steel, hand-filed 45 degree angle tip
Ipsy Size: 1.0 oz (full retail size)
Ipsy Value: $6.99 (website indicates retail price of $17.49 but a discount of 60% making them $6.00 – not sure if this is a limited time sale or the normal price)
Ipsy Deal: 30% off at crownbrush.us
My thoughts: I can always use a nice pair of tweezers. This tweezer is thin and lightweight. The tweezer picture on the left is pink, but I received a black one.

Estimated Ipsy Glam Bag Value: $90.99 – one of the best valued Glam Bag so far!

I am looking forward to trying all of these products and hope to be able to share my thoughts and opinions about each product with you soon.

Until next time, stay beautiful! ~ Devon

One thought on “Ipsy Summer Lovin’ Glam Bag Review

  1. I love your post, it is so informative! The lipstick looks gorgeous, I use lip liners too when I want to change the colour of a lippie and it also helps the actual colour to stay longer!

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