Review: December’s Ipsy Glam Bag

IMG_0241Decembers’s Glam Bag features a nice mix of products – skincare, makeup, and an applicator. Plus, the bag is super cute!

In my review, I’ve included the product, the benefits (as claimed by the product), the size I received and the value compared to the normal retail size and price. Often, a discount is available if you decide to purchase the retail product – I’ve included that info as well (offers are for a limited time). Keep in mind that Ipsy Glam Bags vary by person. What you receive is based on the profile you established. Here’s my review of the products I received in my December Ispy Glam Bag.

tartetarte cosmetics – smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder

Benefits: perfects & mattifies skin, reduces appearance of pores, dryness and flakiness
Ipsy Size: 0.07 oz (full “to go” size: 0.13 oz @$14)
Ipsy Value:  approx. $7.00
Ipsy Deal: 20% off any purchase at
My thoughts:  I’m a big fan of tarte cosmetics. I use their Maracuju Creaseless Concealer (which I’m very happy with), so I was excited to see this powder – which is one product that I have not found the “perfect one”. I was getting ready for a company holiday party when my Glam Bag arrived. Although I don’t usually try a new product for the first time the day of an important event, I thought why not. I really like how the powder went on and how it felt – very light and very smoothing. I will definitely continue to use this sample. Who knows – I may have found something close to my “perfect” powder. 

AcureAcure – Cell stimulating face mask
Benefits: stimulates new cell growth with Chlorella Growth Factor, draws out impurities, vegan, gluten and cruelty free
Ipsy Size: 1 oz (full size: 1.75 oz @ $12.99)
Ipsy Value: approx. $7.40
Ipsy Deal: 20% off any purchase + free shipping
My thoughts: I love, love, love, face masks – especially clay masks. I can’t wait to try this one. The smell reminds me of a spa (which is a good thing) and I love that the directions say to “Apply evenly over the face until you look like a green sea-monster.” I’ll post a review of this product for sure!

PacificaPacifica – Power of Love Natural Lipstick in Nudie Red
Benefits: moisturizing and creamy, highly pigmented color, contains vitamins and antioxidants
Ipsy Size: .07 oz (full size)
Ipsy Value: $10.00
Ipsy Deal: 20% off any purchase at
My thoughts: I’m really picky about my lipstick. I like long-lasting lipsticks, ones that don’t need to be re-applied throughout the day or after you eat or drink. I have only found a few that meet my requirements. However, with that being said, I’m always open to trying new products and ones that I could apply over my regular lipstick or use on those “light” makeup days. This lipstick is a nice shade and does appear to have a nice texture – not too glossy but not dry. 

ElizabethMottElizabeth Mott – Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer

Benefits: intensifies eye shadow, crease-free and lightweight, protects eye makeup all day
Ipsy Size: .17 oz (full size: 0.35 oz @ $20.00)
Ipsy Value: approx. $9.69
Ipsy Deal: 30% off any purchase at
My thoughts: So, when it comes to eye shadow primer, I am totally in love with my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion – so any other product has a high bar to hit. The color I wear, Sin, has a gold tint to it – which works really well with the eye shadow colors I normally wear. However, there are times when a more neutral color would work, so I look forward to giving this one a try. **I’ve had a chance to try this product so stay tuned for my review of it! 

RickyCareRickyCare by Ricky’s NYC – Classic 3D Blender

Benefits: re-usable, can use wet or dry, ergonomically shaped, great for foundation application, contouring, and highlighting
Ipsy Size: 1 oz (full size product)
Ipsy Value: $10.00
Ipsy Deal: 10% off the RickyCare 3D Blending Sponge at
My thoughts: I’ve wanted to try one of these blenders for a while now. I’m kind of old school and use my fingers to apply and blend my foundation. I’ve tried to use the wedge sponges in the past, but always go back to my old habits. Now that I received this blender, I will give it another try. **I’ve had a chance to try this product so stay tuned for my review of it! 



The bag – super cute, right? Speaking of bags, I know a lot of folks get tired of collecting all these cosmetic bags – I mean, how many cosmetic bags does a person need? Well, cosmetic bags are great for more than just holding makeup. Keep an eye out for my future post that will feature creative ideas and suggestions on ways you can use your cosmetic bags.

Estimated Ipsy Glam Bag Value: $44.00+

I hope you found this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag review helpful. Remember, these are just my thoughts and opinions about the products I received. Your experience may be different. I always encourage folks to give different beauty products a try. You never know when you might come across the most amazing product you’ve ever tried!

candy caneUntil next time, stay beautiful & Merry Christmas! ~ Devon

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